Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Questions Go Unanswered

The freakshow continues. Vayne, the self righteous bastard that works the shift right before mine, was found in that Smith girl's room this morning. His face was unrecognizable, all skin removed with muscle and bone shining with blood, his eyes refusing to close. The eyelids were gone, you see. He was "staring" at her when she woke up. The screaming alerted the still living co-workers of mine from several rooms away, or at least, that's what they tell me. I was at home sleeping off the exhaustion after another twelve hour shift. They don't bother to schedule us correctly here, and sleep.. well, sleep is difficult.

Sorry, sorry, I got distracted again. I have to pause my normally scheduled bitching to finish up what I was trying to say. I found a link on my blog after I got home from work Saturday morning. I.. didn't bother to follow the link, thought it was some punk kid  who happened to get Grace's name right. Maybe another patient of Shady Lawn's, they're forever making blogs and making up crazy shit. It's encouraged! Supposedly it helps their imagination, though the things they come up with are a bit too sick for my tastes. I don't know how they got the link to MY blog considering the fact that I never told anyone it existed.. anyway. Back to the subject.

I should have followed that link. This "Minstrel" you people have been following was responsible for Grace's medication being mixed up. If I had reported the blog to Mr. Beakman, maybe this shit wouldn't have happened. But hell, by the time I got home, "Jester" had already gotten to Vayne. Supposedly. No proof actually exists that our good doctor will admit to. It implies pretty heavily that my boss is allowing Jester's nonsense. I'm hoping this is just more made up, coincidental bullshit. The blood on that patient's walls points to the possibility of the Puppet's Game being real. If the blog's right.. Grace's stories were real.

Fuck if I know. I'll follow the blogs talking about Grace, just in case. God help us all.