Monday, April 16, 2012

Evil Employer Woes

Shady Lawn is, well, a nightmare to work at. The patients are a little.. off. I mean, I know I work in a sanitorium, but this place is worse than the others. At least at my old jobs, you could reliably count on a paycheck. The doctors didn't look like horror movie rejects, and the clipboards that hung on the ends of the beds weren't blacked out like they do here. When other orderlies and I aren't crossing each other at the end of shift or from room to room, it feels like a graveyard. Our shoes squeak on the shitty linoleum, hell, we even whisper to keep from being overheard. Why do I work here? Because being broke is even worse.

The lady down in Room 104 seems sane half the time, until someone messes with her medication. Poor Grace, she didn't realize what had happened until afterwards. Hearing her mutter about Derek and Kevin was awful. Cleaning up her puke and being attacked for my trouble was even worse. Dr. Beakman, as always, handwaved everything and swore it was a simple mistake. He "happened" to throw a glance in our direction as he spoke to his nurses. There's been a paycut for everyone that was on shift that night and a stern talking to for the entire staff. I was changing a neighboring patient's sheets and could have SWORN he was smiling at her.. creep factor jumped off the scales, and I hurried to finish what I was doing. Just being near him makes chills go down my back..

At least the job pays well, right? RIGHT? Oh hell, I'm just talking to myself. Why am I even bothering. -_-

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