Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Envelope

I decided to open the envelope when I got off work. Yes, I keep stalling, and I know it'll probably bite me in the ass. At least I'm trying. I want to help these people, I really do, it's just.. I'm scared, ya know?

The riddle:

Fyflr'e r qfnfv xcgt 8 tvjpmbfm bz zu. Yvsyu jragmy tdrc iaq tvjpmbf ynoy. Ubrdv jm ffzmf bzv docorly bz kiy cxruy. Uan jm gtzt jbejjvyq?

And the file:

Patient Name: David Manson-

Condition: Kleptomania

History: David Manson began to steal things from his classmates at a young age, and hoard the various objects under his bed. When he reached adulthood, he became a career thief. He was captured and institutionalized three years ago.

I'm keeping my phone on me from now on, to respond to this and keep track of all this.

And, oh, I should probably mention the rule from Jester's blog: We only have two days to solve this.


  1. The 9th cupcake is a picture drawn/painted on the plate.

    1. What was the riddle decrypted?

    2. "There's a plate with 8 cupcakes on it. Eight people grab one cupcake each. There is still one cupcake on the plate. How is this possible?"

  2. Assuming you're still going to work can you tell us if anything has changed in regards to the patients Paul Ross and James Dees? Jester is supposed to have "eliminated" them from his contest but presumably if people at Shady Lawn had died or been released Grace would have mentioned it.

  3. The last person took the plate with the cupcake on it.