Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Uh, guys? A little help here..

I found Grace last night, slumped over on her bed and unconscious. She was bleeding from the mouth, the blood was everywhere. There shouldn't have been anything in the room for her to harm herself. I.. I panicked. I started screaming, calling for help and the doctors on staff to come look at her. I grabbed a blanket off the chair by her bed, wrapped her up and held her while we waited for somebody to hear us. I know I wasn't supposed to, I know I probably messed up a "crime scene" or some shit. I didn't care.  Dammit, she was shaking and she looked sick to boot. When I looked closer, I figured out where all the blood was coming through. Her bottom lip was bitten through, though I have no clue if it was deliberate or not. She looked so miserable. I just had to hold her. I'll probably get some kind of a meeting with Dr. Beakman later over it.

She's.. okay now. She's in a room a little farther away from the others for now, and I've (so far) been assigned to look after her until we know more about what's going on. I'll still have my rounds, but it's been strongly suggested that if I want to "protect" her so badly, then I need to try a little harder to do so.

Teofilo's door has a giant blue P on it. As with all the other times, no one will talk about it.


There was a riddle waiting for me when I got home from all this insanity, with another two patient files beneath it. I suppose this is serious time. 


Patient 1: William Hogarth

Condition: Suffers from intense paranoia and delusions

History: Once worked in criminal justice. Following a string of gruesome murders, he was arrested by the police. Hogarth maintained that he did not kill anyone, and that a whispering monster had done it. Because of his belief, he was institutionalized. After about a month, he was transported from England to the United States, and placed under Dr. Beakman's care in Shady Lawn Sanitarium. He has begun to slowly recover from his condition.

Patient 2: Jasper Oakley

Condition: Comatose. Repeats words that people say and responds to stimuli via attempted mimicry.

History: Father of two children. His wife died in a car accident last year. Reportedly, he became an alcoholic soon afterward. Entered into his comatose condition around the beginning of the year, after he was found unconscious in a lake, where it is believed be tried to drown himself.


  1. Hello. The riddle's answer is "peanut" which I found online. Guess I'd save Jasper Oakley 'tho truth be told am more concerned for your safety.

  2. No no no no no. I've suspected from some of the descriptions that there was Fear involvement in why these people are in Shady Lawn but Jasper is no fucking patient. He's a God damned Camper. Something must be wrong with either it or the Ink poor dead Jasper was exposed to for the evolution to be taking so long but Jasper is gone and he's not coming back. If he wakes only EAT will be present no matter how much like Jasper it learns to act.

    1. So are you saying we don't try to rescue him?

      I'm not exactly sure the one framed by the Rake would be of any better use to anybody.

      - Have a Nice Day

    2. At least that one doesn't sound like a Servant.

  3. Hi R.Z. Dr. Beakman updated his notes to mention "some unscheduled patient transfers to our other facility". Sounds like whatever he and The (Fester) Jester have planned for those remaining has moved into 2nd gear so please look out for yourself and for Grace, too.